Douramakos.com is a family-owned business, oriented entirely toward memorabilia from, or relating to, the Olympic Games. Beyond the business aspects, we are, in the end, Olympic collectors and have been for over 30 years. We personally select and inspect each individual item listed in our auctions. Each piece is guaranteed to be of top quality and 100% authentic.

We specialize in high profile collectibles. These include Olympic Torches, as well as rarities from the 1859-1888/9 Greek Olympian Games, the Athens 1896 first International Olympic Games, as well as the Athens 1906 Intercalated Olympic Games. These periods are also the focus of our original research into specific collectibles which has resulted in the publication of articles based on historical facts and documents. Through these, we hope to present history from the perspective of the collector.

The Olympic Games unite the world. This, too, is our purpose. Through our shared love of Olympic memorabilia, we hope to educate and inspire young people worldwide, for it is they – the future «ambassadors» of the Olympic Games – who will spread the Olympic spirit, the Olympic movement, and the Olympic Truce.

This is our world. The world of the Olympic Games.